Since I was a little girl and was tall enough to reach the stove, I’ve loved to cook.  Growing up money was a little scarce so I would utilize my resources to get creative and make meals for my family.   A pharmacist by trade, cooking in my adult years is stress relief after a long day, and also a way to bring my family and friends together.  I was born and raised in Pennsylvania but have resided in New York for many years since attending college here.   In 2016, I created my Grillmomma account on Instagram after many years of only sharing my cooks with those close to me.   After being frustrated that I could not find any remotely good barbecue close to where I live, I was on a personal mission to try to master what friends and mentors in the south have been doing for years.   Grillmomma is more than just BBQ however.  A lifetime carnivore, I also love to showcase a variety of other foods as well.  I’m a year round griller, recipe creator and food blogger who loves to connect with others who also have this fire in their soul.  Grill on my friends!

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